Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials
Amy O’Brien –  Gladstone – Tannum Sands Qld
“Extremely pleased with my new Sun Conure, Rigby. Rigby is very social and friendly, eats very well and has eased into our daily routine. Very impressed with the shipping crate, the info sent along and the health of the baby, even the vet was impressed! When I’m ready for my next bird, there is no other aviary I will consider! Thank you!”
Mary Millward – OrangeNSW
“We had an amazing experience purchasing our new baby with Birds Pet Shop Aviary. They are very knowledgeable and truly care for the well being of their birds. Top notch breeder, we totally recommend them to anyone looking for a healthy, social, friendly bird.”
Henry Troche-Smith
“Got our beautiful Cherry Head Conure for Birds Pet Shop Aviary. Very professional and even helped us after we were home with her. She is everything to us.”
Joemar Villalon
“I love my Indian Ringneck! She is very sweet even though she’s new to me. It’s obvious she gotten a lot of human socialization when she was young. She has not accepted me as her new owner but that’s okay it will take a little while. Birds Pet Shop Aviary provided me a lot of information I will need in taking care of her. Looking forward to owning another bird from them!”
Christiane Duprey – Geraldton WA
“We love our sun conure “Pepper”. He’s just a joy! When we picked him up he was already sweet and potty trained! Totally recommend this place and should we decide to get a buddy for Pepper this is where we’ll get the next birdie from. The drive from Houston is absolutely worth it! Xoxo”
Katie Gahagan – Ellenbrook WA
“We love our half-moon conure! We picked him up from the airport and were very impressed with the carrier and food he was sent with. He came to us well socialized and already loves to cuddle with us. We took him to the vet to make sure he was all good, and she was impressed by his friendly and sweet demeanor as well how not hand shy he is. She also said that he is a very healthy bird. I would use Birds Pet Shop Aviary  again in a heart beat!”
Dana Dybdal-Hargreaves -Dubbo NSW
“We had a great experience with Birds Pet Shop Aviary! Our little Turquoise Green Cheek Conure came to us healthy, happy and very sweet! Joe was always available an answer our many questions, and has done an outstanding job of keeping in touch with us in the past few months since our little Bungie has been home with us. I would highly recommend Birds Pet Shop Aviary  to anyone looking for a new little birdie friend!”
Nat Hooper
“Brought home my Turquoise Green Cheek Conure today! Joe was great through the entire process. Through his social media updates and updates through emails I couldn’t ask for anything more when purchasing my baby. The quality bird and how friendly she is amazes me. My baby barely knows me and immediately reaches out to me to step up. Very well socialized birds! If your looking for a place to purchase your bird, I highly recommend Birds Pet Shop Aviary!
Thank again!
Sherry Seidenberger
“I got my baby Conure from these guys! They are curtious, professional, and raised a sweet baby for us! Would definitely recommend Birds Pet Shop Aviary!”
Ashley Campbell Strong – Idaho
“Where do I start, My name Ashley and I am from a very small town in Idaho. I have had birds my whole life and have been around them since I was just a little girl. When my grandmother passed away it became nearly impossible to find the help I needed for bringing in a new feathered baby in to our home. Since she raised and knew everyone who raised birds. There are wonderful parrot store with in hours of our town but its very hard for these shops to even get hand raised babies in right now. You then are placed on waiting lists. I was so very nervous to even look on line and even more nervous to ship a baby. Then I came across Birds Pet Shop Aviary. I sat on it over night before calling and said a little prayer it was the route I was supposed to take. The minute I talked with Joe I felt great about it all. I had already done a lot of research about the Green Cheek Conures and how wonderful they are as a family pet. That being my biggest concern since I have small young children who LOVE birds more then I think I even do. 🙂 Anyways long story short, We received our sweet Yellowsided GCC and What an amazing easy process it was picking her up from the airport. I had never done this so I was extremely nervous but she had the nicest travel box. Filled with lots of food and fresh fruits. All her paperwork and checklists, certificates, and even extra food and feed for her. Our sweet girl is a doll. Tuki is her name and she is so dang sweet and smart. She is not afraid or skitish of loud noises (with having small kids) She is content with all of us and just wants to be apart of all of us already. Im so thankful and so happy I found JC Aviary. My Grandmother would be proud and definitely give me the thumbs up for all Joes hard work with his babies. I really recommend Birds Pet Shop Aviary if you are looking for a new feathered family member. 🙂
– Ashley “
Sandra Tipton – Nowra – Bomaderry NSW
“We visited Birds Pet Shop Aviary on January 2 to look at their Eclectus babies, we fell in love with a 4 month old baby, and took him home that day. The owner Joe was so helpful with information about the breed and care for the bird. He checks in regularly to see how our baby is adjusting to his new home, and has been helpful whenever we have questions. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in quality birds”
Willi Dinon – Queen Creek, AZ
” Just received my baby African Gray Congo parrot. What a delight! He is 12 weeks old. Still hand feeding him. He is extremely tamed even knows how to “step up” Thanks to the team at Birds Pet Shop Aviary. The team at the Aviary especially Joe was amazing. He was so helpful being I’m new to parrots. He walked me through the whole process from start to finish. The payment method was stress free. Picking him up at the airport was a breeze. He came in a carrier along with spoon, syringe and food for his long flight home. His hatch certificate was included along with all pertinent info. Oh, yes, he even provided a video showing me how to feed my new baby. Over the top experience. If you’re thinking of purchasing a parrot don’t hesitate for a moment to contact Birds Pet Shop Aviary  in Australia.”
Jessica Lillis Estenson – Bathurst NSW
“We have adopted all three of our macaws from Birds Pet Shop Aviary because we have been extremely happy with each of our birds. Additionally, anytime I had a question or concern regarding the birds, JC Aviary was willing to help me without any hesitation. My family and I can tell that he truly loved, and nurtured these birds while in his care because upon receiving each one, they were the most loving, and sweet birds we could have ever asked for. In the future, if we decide to add another addition to our family, we will definitely be coming back to Birds Pet Shop Aviary. No question. I wouldn’t trust anyone else.”
Noah Hascall – Bathurst NSW
“I have owned birds of all sizes since I was 10 years old, I have dealt with the best and worst of breeders. I can honestly say without any hesitation these people are the BEST breeders/people/loving souls that I have ever encountered in the bird trade!!!
Christina  and his family are always available if you have any questions, they are an endless supply of knowledge with over 30 years in the field!  Not only do they answer any questions, but they actually love hearing about the babies once they are placed in your home! I am in contact with them on a weekly basis, providing updates and pictures that are placed on the website, and they truly care about all of the babies that were in their care!!
We have three macaws from them, we have Remi a Blue and Gold, Kimber a Greenwing, and Colt a baby Military who is 17 weeks right now! I spent months looking for a breeder I could trust, completely disregarded multiple ones after a short conversation on the phone, but once I talked to joe I knew they would be the breeder I used from that day forward!!!
If you have any hesitations, I recommend just talking to these people and they will put you at ease and you will never regret your choice to get a baby from them!!!!”
Darryl Mclver – Nashville, TN
“I purchased my Eleanora Cockatoo in September 16 from Anthony . I was apprehensive about buying online, however the experience was great. He arrived as scheduled in perfect condition. Had many questions about handfeeding and Anthony  always answered quickly.”
Catherine Herndon
Warrnambool Vic – 01/03/2017
“I’m so happy I purchased my African Grey from Birds Pet Shop Aviary.  They delivered to me about 3 hours away. They spent time explaining everything I needed to know about transitioning the baby into my home.  You can tell they take care of their babies.  Our Grey is so sweet and tame.  He already knows how to step up.  He’s so smart and loves to cuddle.  He’s beautiful.  Worth every penny.”
Stacy Stanfill – Warragul – Drouin Vic  08/24/2016
“I highly recommend Christina  at Birds Pet Shop Aviary  What a fabulous experience from start to finish. I purchased my sweet baby African Grey from Anthony  and was so impressed with his constant communication to me from her birth going forward. He was always there to assist me in any questions I might have. She is the sweetest baby, very socialized, and already starting to talk at five months old.. Birds Pet Shop Aviary  breeds the highest quality birds you will find and they maintain the highest integrity with their customers. I highly recommend Birds Pet Shop Aviary to anyone looking for a healthy, well established and socialized bird. BEST EVER!!! Thank you to Joe and the entire family for being so great to us.”
Emily Flynn – Eben Junction, MI
“Great people to deal with! would email me back right away with any questions I had. We got a Sun Conure from them and Sunny is an amazing healthy bird! very friendly right from the beginning!!! You can really tell they care about their birds!”
Megan Rodriguez – Devonport Tas
“A great breeder with the most beautiful and well tempered birds I’ve seen thus far. This was my first purchase from them and my first parrot and it was an easy, comfortable and low stress experience. My new pineapple green cheek conure is not only sweet as can be but in the peak of health. If and when I get another member of the flock I will certainly be back- everything from their big macaws and African grays to their conures and Quakers seem happy and healthy.”
Laura Reany – Lismore NSW
“Christina and his team were absolutely amazing to deal with. After much research when my parent’s African Grey passed away, I found Birds Pet Shop Aviary. He was wonderful and extremely easy to contact and speak to whenever I had a question. It was a very easy decision to choose him to get our baby from. Macy has been a wonderful addition to my parents’ home and has acclimated very well due to Joe’s loving and caring hands. I would highly recommend Birds Pet Shop Aviary to anyone interested in purchasing a baby bird. Thank you so much !!!! :):)”
Lauren A. – Alice Spring NT
“I had a great experience with Birds Pet Shop Aviary!  I purchased my baby female Eclectus from them (have had her now for almost 2 weeks) and am in love! They were very prompt at answering questions I had leading up to the shipping day and after – follow up making sure she is doing ok in her new home and answering any questions I had. I can tell they genuinely care about their babies which is comforting and important! My baby is already trained to step up, potty trained, eating well, and is very sweet. I love her!”
Erik Starr – Hobart Tasmania
“STOP!! Don’t buy a bird anywhere else but from Birds Pet Shop Aviary . Christina/Anthony  and his family are the best breeder we have ever used. We bought our latest bird a green wing macaw  I looked from Florida to California and Christina/Anthony & his animal and    service best A++”
Ally Ortiz – Darwin Northern Territory region
“Birds Pet Shop Aviary was so helpful & informative when we were gathering information before purchasing and upon arrival you could tell that the birds were loved! My husband and I are very happy with our baby Camelot Gizmo! Thank you again!”
Deanna Scott – Adelaide ,South Australia
“Truly the best experience. I purchased two Elenora cockatoo babies. I was shown everything I needed to know on how to take care of these babies. They truly care so much for you and placing the birds in the best home possible.”
Jared Nally – Melbourne , Victoria
“My Greater Vasa is such an enjoyable pet. Joe was great to work with. He takes excellent care of his birds and has blessed me with a wonderful new family member. I couldn’t be happier!”
Katelyn Harger – Liverpool NSW  09/13/2015
“I purchased a beautiful baby umbrella cockatoo from Christina/Anthony & I love that baby bird so much! Birds Pet Shop Aviary  is super helpful! any questions or concerns or anything you need they will help you out & even check in periodically! Recommend :)”
Christa “Veronica Corningstone” H.
 Queensland – 07/25/2015
“I purchased a baby african grey from them and had such a wonderful experience. They really do a fantastic job hand raising the babies. He was eating very well on his own before I picked him up. What impressed me so much was how well adjusted this bird was. He isn’t scared of things, he was really well socialized after I brought him home. I was afraid the trip to a new home might be really scary for this bird, but seeing how he adjusted so quickly; just showed me how well taken care of he was before I got him. He is the sweetest and most tame little guy.
They were extremely thorough at going over how to care for him when I picked him up, even to the point of making sure I knew how to syringe feed him should I need to (which I never did have to) but they want to make sure you are going to care for their birds. They covered nutrition with me, and even had a little cage to take him home in. I highly recommend them if you are considering any of their birds. When I had him checked out at the vet, I brought all my paper work with me they provided, and even the vet was impressed with the literature they gave me at their dietary recommendations. She said, they are doing it right.
Great experience from start to finish :)”
Tarra Raby – Sydney, NSW
“I drove a total of 12 hours to get my baby Sun Conure Chibi, she was eating fruits and veggies already and is the friendliest bird I’ve ever had. She lives everyone she meets. Christina/Anthony is the perfect breeder, very kind and knowledgable. I love my baby!!”

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