Health Guarantee

*Health Guarantee*
We guarantee that there are no symptoms of disease or parasites at the time
of sale and that our birds are completely healthy.  This means that our
birds are free of viral infections, pathogenic bacterial infections, fungal
infections, and congenital defects. When a customer purchase a bird(s) from
us, we provide our customers a 72hrs health guarantee on bird(s) that are
weaned (eating on their own). Within the first 72hrs of the purchase,
customers are encouraged to take the bird(s) to an avian veterinarian
voluntarily. If an avian veterinarian states that the bird was Unfit for
sale (not healthy), a certificate/paperwork must be presented to
Birdspetshop aviary within 24 hours of exam for exchange or full refund of
the bird(s). In addition, any bird(s) taken and hand fed by customers are
not qualified for any guarantee. There are no refund(s), exchange or
another free bird if a customer is unable to take care of an unweaned
bird(s). If a customer wants an un-weaned bird but cannot take care of it,
a customer may pay an extra fee agreed by Birdspetshop aviary to wean the
bird for them.

In the event buyer fails to have the bird(s) examined by an avian
veterinarian within 3-day period after pickup or delivery, then the buyer
understands and agrees that the sale is final and there is no
guarantee/refund on the bird(s) anymore.
Weaning a baby bird
A weaned bird is one who can fill his/her own crop for a minimum of two
weeks and maintain a reasonable weight prior to going to its new home. We
charge extra to wean a baby bird. Price for weaning a baby bird depends on
what type of bird it is or how old a baby is. Please contact us for

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