Reserving a baby bird:

To reserve a baby bird, a non-refundable deposit of $500-$1000 is required depending on the type of bird. A deposit will guarantee you a baby and must be picked up on an agreeable date. Usually, small birds such as Quakers, Sun Conures or Green Cheeks require a $100 deposit. Big birds such as African Greys, Caiques, Amazons or Macaws require a $500 deposit. In addition, rare species such as Hyacinth Macaw, Black Palm, and Major Mitchell Cockatoos will require a 30%  deposit.

All deposits are non-refundable. The NON-REFUNDABLE deposit can be applied toward the purchase of another bird within 7 days of receiving the initial deposit.

When a baby bird is reserved, we will update you with pictures on Instagram as your baby grows. Please contact us by phone or email to reserve your baby and/or confirm availability.

Payment Options:

We accept Cash,  Money Orders or Direct Deposit.  If paying via  Bank , please give us 3-5 business days for the check to clear out before a bird can be released to a customer.

Prices of birds are subject to change depending on season and availability.